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InterWrite PRS RF Personal Response System Student Remote

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Personal Response Radio Frequency "clicker" used for interactive learning in higher education. * Home > * Products > Assessment > INTERWRITE PRS INTERWRITE PRS Interwrite PRS combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity. Using their radio-frequency or infrared wireless clickers, students can answer questions and record their responses with a simple click of a button. Use PRS to take attendance, give quizzes and tests, or for lesson review.Focus more of your time teaching and less time on paperwork and grading. From the smallest classrooms to lecture halls with 2,000 students, PRS is your complete student response system solution.

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Color Stainless Steel
EAN 0097598464529
Feature Using the radio-frequency or infrared wireless clickers, students can answer questions and record their responses with a simple click of a button
Manufacturer GTCO CalComp Peripherals
Model 11-00682-01-R
UPC 097598464529


Rating InterWrite PRS RF Personal Response System Student Remote Customer Reviews
There's not much need for a review of this product. If your class requires it, you gotta have it. If you don't take that class don't buy this clicker. If you don't need it you'll have to sell it on Amazon or use it as a paper weight.The choice of silver paint for the front of the clicker was a poor choice. After just a few uses you're probably gonna see...
This product is a joke! I have clicker points during class and the thing would work half the time and not the other half! I just missed some points out of my class grade due to this. At first I thought it was the batteries so I replaced the batteries and thing wont even turn on now. I called Customer service center spoke with 7 people there for 2 freaking hours! They told...
I used my device in a college class that had a large student capacity. The "clicker" takes a while to load up so we would have to turn it on at the begining of class so it was ready to go at the middle or end of class for our pop quiz. There were some tech challenged students in class, which made it harder to use effectively. The large number of students (100+) caused interference occasionally so it would not always record your answer on the first try, making the timed pop quizes stressful, because you weren't sure you could get your answer in on time.I thought the idea was interesting, I think the instructor liked it because it would keep track of the students answers, and grades. It would probably be great to use in a class that had fewer students so that you don't need to worry about interference.
This product came in incredibly fast after purchasing, and the product was in a very good condition and still had about 85% battery life.
The InterWrite PRS RF Personal Response System Student Remote allows the instructor to gather both multiple-choice and numerical answers from students in class for participation purposes and be able to track responses back to individual students for credit. I did not have any problems using it during my class, but although I purchased the transmitter at a good price, I would have liked a more accurate description of it (the casing had numerous scratches on it that did not affect performance). Otherwise, I recommend this product!
1st of all let me say I HAD TO BUY THIS. One of my general education classes requires it to take attendance. WHAT A FREAKING SCAM. It is $50 dollars and what you get is a piece of crap devise that is pretty much like a calculator. The screen is no better than a calculator and the devise works for 1 thing. YAY!!! I can submit answers without the professor; 1. taking attendance himself or 2. (my favorite) treating me like an actual college student and not taking attendance. What makes me most mad about this is that it just smells like corporate greed (im no raging liberal but damn it just feels wrong). Everyone is required in a lot of REQUIRED gen. ed. classes = $$$$$$. My professor doesn't even take it seriously. He just post little b.s. questions every once in a while. I wouldn't be so mad if it would be used as a standard for the next 10 years at my school, hell even 5 would be good (more chance for students to resell or not re-buy). But I know its not since my sophomore year i had to buy another one ($20) from this same company that got outdated in just 2 years and replaced by this one. Next they will make one that has a bigger screen or some other negligible improvement and charge $70.Anyways that's my rant.Enjoy your piece of crap devise that you too are probably forced to buy (used if you can help it).
I've been ordering these kinds of clickers from Amazon and eBay for quite a while now because I am a high school science teacher who wants my own set of clickers to use with students that are flexible (homework assignments, quizzes, tests, instant feedback).
To whom it may concern:If you go to Georgia Tech this PRS device is no longer used. There's a newer more expensive device they now force you to buy.Other than that, this is a fine device.
The PRS clicker contains all of the flaws of planned obsolescence. Tiny screen, horrible user interface, and limited capability. It is a crutch for teachers that can't get students to participate. A useless an unnecessary technology that inhibits real learning in the classroom through discussion and free thought.
Product shipped to me in 5ish days. Came with batteries at roughly 85% charge. Bubble wrapped package, but not in the original box. The manual, which was unnecessary, was water damaged, and only halfway usable. Product was slightly scratched, but otherwise intact and undamaged.The clicker works great, if the instructor can set it up right. I had no problems with it at all. Depending on how much you pay, you may be able to make money off of it once you're done using it by selling it to other people. If you use it for enough tests, you may even save money over scantrons.