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Febreze Stick and Refresh Clean Zest Air Freshener Starter Kit

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Meet the most convenient way to eliminate the toughest odors from your homes tightest spots. Febreze stick and refresh goes where no febreze has gone before, adhering to surfaces to remove odors at the source. 3m command strips hold strongly and stretch off cleanly, leaving no residue (when used as directed). Stick it to trash bins, shoe closets, in bathrooms or any other confined space to corner odors and enjoy a light, clean scent for up to 30 days. Simply insert a refill scent cartridge at the end of the 30 days to keep the freshness going strong, everywhere.

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EAN 0037000845324
  • Sticks at the source of odors
  • Sticks for freshness anywhere
  • 3m command strips peel off easily and leave no residue use as directed
  • Perfect for tight spaces such as trash bins, closets and bathrooms
  • Variety of scents available
Manufacturer Febreze
Model 00037000845324
UPC 037000845324


Rating Febreze Stick and Refresh Clean Zest Air Freshener Starter Kit Customer Reviews
I have been using those "stick-ons" forever on the lid of my garbage can. They seem to smell good only in the first 3 days of putting them on and then nothing after that.I saw all the funny commercials of these Fabreze things and figured what the hell and tried it. I put it on my garbage can lid and immediately the smell was overwhelming. These are very strong...
I have two very smelly trash receptacles in my garage, two cats and a sometimes smelly kitchen garbage can. The name "Febreeze" brings to (my) mind lovely smells; their other products works well in eliminating odors and freshening up my house. So, when I saw this product advertised I immediately bought it. I used the kitchen trash can as the test receptacle...
Smells great, but it wouldn't stick on the lid of my garbage can for more than 3 minutes. Once I duct taped it on, it worked really well, but inserting a refill will be tricky with all the tape. Would be 5 stars if the adhesive worked. I've had the same one in for 2 weeks and the scent is very delicate, but enough to cover the smell of kitchen trash.
not what I was expecting for the $$ paid. I did not like the overwhelming smell at first and it disappeared really fast.
If you want to use this for the inside of your garbage lid, you will need to replace the adhesive strip that comes with this with something stronger as it will come loose and fall in the can. Otherwise it keeps down the odors and that is key.
product does not stick to the underside of the kitchen can, each time we close the lid the product falls into the trash. i would not buy again.
It IS great in the car!! BUT -- If i were to buy a dozen of these and put them through out the house, my home would smell very nice. Unfortunately, like most other air fresheners, it only goes so far and for so long. The only time I smell the freshener is when I get a couple feet away from it -- Not even a couple of feet and it is not that strong. I have to actually stand right in front of it to get the true aroma. It does smell very nice though. I would get them again, but like I said, if i were to buy a dozen of them. I love Febreze and I hope they improve the strength and length.
This helps keep my closets and clothing smelling fresh and ready to wear. I will be using this on a regular basis.
I had to take this down as the odor coming from it was nasty. Too strong and if you have allergies you will hate this.
smell is over bearing and it falls down i tried putting more double backed tapes on it but i always find it on the floor and the smell gave me an asthma attack