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ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

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Introducing the ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band N900 Ultra Fast Wireless Router. With 3 x detachable R-SMA type antenna, 50% wider coverage than standard N SPEC, VPN Server function enable and IPv6 support ASUS RT-N66U is a true Business class router yet affordable from regular consumers.

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EAN 0886227037353
  • 3 x Detachable antenna for 2.4GHz/5GHz with peak gain 3dBi/ 5dBi
  • IPv6 support; VPN Server Support
  • 802.11n: up to 450Mbps ; 802.11a/g: up to 54Mbps; 802.11b: up to 11Mbps
  • Supports Ethernet and 802.3 with max. bit rate 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • 4 x LAN ports for 10/100/1000 BaseT
  • 2 x USB2.0 support got Printer sharing or HDD sharing
Manufacturer Asus
Model RT-N66U
UPC 886227037353


Rating ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router Customer Reviews
Well, as mentioned in another review, the firmware in the initial shipment of these ( is broken. Not buggy, not unstable, but broken. You CANNOT connect to the Internet with the factory firmware, at least in the initial release. I purchased one, returned it in exchange for another one, and the second one had the exact same problem. As discussed on this here:...
First a little background about myself. I've been doing IT work for 10 years. From networking to server. I'm a CCNA so I know basic to mid level networking.I was previously using the ASUS RT-N16 (was running DDWRT on it). I was happy with it until I started having odd problems with upload speeds over the wifi. Time for a new router so I picked up this new...
Edit - - Here is an update now that I have owned it a while weeks FYI Asus is releasing firmware version on Monday those who have been able to get a hold of that version in the meantime said it works great and has resolved the few issues that remained which affected some users depending on which advanced features they needed They have been very quick compared to other networking companies especially to release new firmware after getting bug reports and working on the fixes As an update my RT-N U has been up without a reboot and running stably since I first configured it weeks ago It does get rebooted to load the new firmware of course just like a Windows PC needs a reboot after installing updates No wifi disconnects to date Smallnetbuilder com has posted test results and it is as of now February their top performing...
I got my shiny new RT-N U today from Amazon I do networking for a living and figured even though I'd seen reports of the shipping factory firmware being broken in English mode it would be no problem WHAT A PAIN Come on Asus The short and sweet version of how to get your router up and running with Download firmware from Extract RT-N U trx to somewhere on your computer Log in to User admin Pass admin Complete the initial setup wizard using any info you want Just GET THROUGH IT It will display a broken page at the end Enter in your web browser Click on Administration on the left Click on Firmware Upgrade on the top tab Switch the language box in the top-right-hand corner from English to something else I used French Upload RT-N U trx WAIT FOR IT TO FINISH When it's complete choose English again...
I purchased this router on Newegg on 01/06/12 and received it on 01/11/12. The RT-N66U sold in the US comes with the default configuration GUI language being English, and in the factory-installed firmware version, this GUI is badly broken. When you power up the router, you cannot bypass the Setup Wizard, and you get stuck on the third page of the Setup Wizard where you try to apply the IP address. I have tried configuring the RT-N66U from a Mac, using Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. I have also tried Windows XP with IE and with Chrome. I can never go past that page in the Setup Wizard regardless of what software platform I use for the configuration. There are multiple reports on SmallNetBuilder and DD-WRT forums of early adopters running into the same exact problem.Update 1: I have discovered a workaround that allows you to exit the Setup Wizard in firmware and then switch the GUI language from English to another language. That is necessary because in the original firmware with which the first batch of RT-N66U shipped, it is impossible to configure this router in the English GUI. This procedure is described here: 2: This problem has been fixed in firmware released on 01/13/12. I have upgraded to and then switched back to the English GUI. Everything seems to be working fine now. However, you may still have to use the Setup Wizard bypass procedure linked to above in order to switch to another GUI language and then upgrade to firmware (or later) if your RT-N66U shipped with firmware (where the English GUI is broken).After having used the RT-N66U (in the Access Point mode), the wireless upload and download speed has improved about 50% compared to my Cisco 1131 (802.11a/b/g) access point (not a Linksys device, but a true enterprise-level Cisco access point). I have not used the routing capability of the RT-N66U (and will probably never will) because I use a more advanced routing device in my network.I have rated this router 4 out of 5 starts because of the broken firmware that the first batch shipped with. I am sure non-technical users will have a heck of a time getting this router set up if it shipped with firmware Once Asus starts shipping the RT-N66U with firmware (or later), this will be a solid 5-star Wi-Fi home router or access point.
I had a d-link DIR 655 for the couple of last years. Recently I moved into a higher wifi density area (literally 15 show up when I click find on my access connections). About 1 week after I moved my network connection kept dropping. I tried everything and even called Comcast and had them come out. They said my router was an issue (something I thought was really odd because it worked fine for years and even before I moved to this new place.) Anyway, since I had no other options, I started researching routers and found this one. It was really easy to install and came with the .90 version software so I didnt have any problems connecting. It was really easy to update it to .108. I have been connecting to and my connection has been improved by at least 300 times! Also, it is consistant and netflixs and utube (both streaming on my tv through my wifi) no longer drop, or stutter. I also have great access to work from home using my company VPN and I can play video games as well with no dropping! I highly recommend this router (I am a fairly non-technical, work from home and use the internet a lot too I am not able to tell if this would meet the requirements of a technical user.) I use this for: wireless printer, 1 iphone for web browsing, 1 mac mini, 1 lenovo laptop, 1 hp laptop, 1 sony wireless dvd player connected to neflixs, hulu and comcast along with comcast movie viewing on my laptops and vpn access and hosting meetings wih at&t web meetings and meeting place for work.)As an added bonus for me, i really liked that I could set up a 2.5 ghz & a 5 ghz network at the same time with different credentials (or the same credentials, my option) and have my systems automatically go back and forth based on best bandwith/stability! And also set up a guest network! love this!
I upgraded to the RT-N66U from an old Linksys WRT54G running Tomato firmware connected to an old Ambit U10C018 cable modem. My new setup is the RT-N66U connected via a DOCSIS 3.0 Cisco DPC3010 cable modem. With the Ambit modem connected to the RT-N66U I was getting 12Mbps download on With the Cisco modem connected to the RT-N66U I am getting 33Mbps download.The setup is straight forward. I used the web GUI. As people have stated, the initial firmware that comes with this router is broken if using the English language GUI. I did not have any problems navigating to the "Administration" tab on the left side, selecting "Firmware Upgrade" tab on the top, selecting "Check" next to "Firmware Version", and updating the firmware to Updating the firmware took 3 minutes. Once updated, everything seems to be working EXCEPT port forwarding from inside the network. You can view from outside the network, just not within. Hopefully this is fixed in another firmware update.The overall performance of the router is simply amazing. The WiFi range is better than any other router I have tested. I was able to get 2/3 bars on my iPhone 4S WiFi meter from a street away. I only have one desktop, Asus all-in-one PC, and it is connected via LAN. My other devices connected via LAN are my Xbox and Roku XS player. Everything else is connected via WAN (WiFi): four iPhone 4S, Lenovo T510 laptop, Toshiba laptop, MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, and HP Officejet 4500 printer. The router handles all of my devices with ease. If I am playing Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox and a family member is streaming Netflix on the Roku player, the router has zero issues. Only thing I notice is if there is a lot of activity on the network the RT-N66U gets luke warm.Up time is over a week with zero issues. I would highly recommend this router to anyone, newbie to an expert IT professional.Some good reading regarding this router can be found in the forums on
I've had several highly-rated routers, and this one provides the best feature set and performance yet. I have a house that's kind of long, the family room where the router is in the back of the house, and the living room (where the TV is and where I usually use my laptop and smart phone) is the front of the house. So I always get a strong signal in the family room, and my next door neighbor's wireless signal is always stronger in my living room than my router's. With the RT-N66U, I also have a stronger wireless signal in the living room, stronger than my neighbor for the first time. I'm amazed, have gained about 10+dBm according to inSSIDer over any of the other routers I've had, which leads to excellent wireless performance in my living room. I did notice that the router needs to be "pointed" towards my living room to get this, but that isn't a problem for me, the signal is fine everywhere, but I love how strong it is in the living room. It's also nice to have the guest networks that really work as they should, I have my smart phone using one of those.It was also interesting getting an internet connection established the first time. I usually have to go through all the settings on a router and make sure that everything is set up right before I can make an initial connection. With this router, it really does a lot of that work. It had me connected almost immediately. I still went through all the settings to make sure that there were what I needed, but having that internet connection so quickly was really helpful in verifying that the router was working.As far as firmware goes, the newest Asus firmware (RT-N66U_3.0.0.3_102) is doing well for me. There are some problems with it, I hear that the IPv6 support isn't quite there yet, and the DLNA support leaves something to be desired. But again, not a problem for me, I'm not using either of these, so Asus has some time to get those working. If you're in a hurry, you can use tomato firmware on this router, which I hear is working quite well. The IPv6 support does work with tomato firmware, but I'm not sure that the wireless performance is quite as good as the Asus firmware.This is a very nice piece of hardware, and it is the best performing that I've had. Long term reliability remains to be seen, as usual, time will tell.Update 3/10/2012: Upgraded to the newest Asus firmware, RT-N66U_3.0.0.3_108, bunch of things fixed, looking even better. Best router around right now!Update 4/13/2012: Spent a lot of time trying to get my Verizon Network Extender going with the .108 firmware. Asus finally suggested using telnet and clearing the nvram (mtd-erase -d nvram; reboot). This worked, and now Verizon Network Extender is up, too. Great router.
I just got 2 delivered from Amazon on 01/23/12. One for my house and one for my business. Installed Using Windows 7 64bit and Chrome and had absolutely no problems. No broken or messed up menus. Everything was smooth and easy. I made it through the initial setup wizard, tested it for a few minutes then immediately updated to the latest firmware. Several others on smallnetbuilder have reported the same thing... that Amazon's batch seems to be fine. Also if you think your router is DOA, this one actually has a power button. You have to press it after plugging it in to turn it on. I had never seen that on a router before. Performance of the router is excellent. I have had it up for 6 days straight with no reboots or dropped connections. It has great range and signal strength. This is by far the best router I have ever owned. Build quality is excellent as well, it feels very well made. It may have had its problems initially but with the bugs worked out now... you have to give it strong consideration as a top router in its class.
I just received this in a few days ago from a competing vendor (sorry, Amazon, I ordered from you weeks earlier and waited as long as I could). I can say that I am very impressed.The router arrived with .90 of the firmware, which does not seem to have any overt issues, at least as long as your needs are simple. The setup is quite easy, even for a beginner. The firmware is easy to navigate with the possible exception of working with the 2.4 Ghz vs. 5 Ghz bands--you need to change a drop-down option to make changes to the other band, and I did not think this was intuitively clear. Otherwise, adding a guest network (one that visitors can use that won't have access to your computers and devices but does have access to the internet) was super easy. USB devices plug right in and are available to persons on the non-guest network(s) by default.The lights on the router are a soft blue, and rather than blinking in your eyes at night, they angle up at the ceiling, casting a diffuse glow that won't affect one's ability to get to sleep if you have this in your bedroom.My wife and I have Apple iPhone 4S phones that were having problems with connections in our living room with our prior D-Link DIR-615 router (housed two rooms away, set to Wireless-N only). I had chalked it up to the weaker network chip in the phone, but thought this router was worth the try. Boy, was it! The throughput in the living room is 85% of what it is right next to the router, where before I couldn't get through a single test (using their iPhone app). I am not sure if it is the three antennas or something else with this router, but I urge you to give this router a chance to address your coverage blues.Bootup time with the router is minimal. Do be aware of the small On/Off button in the back, right next to the power plug--you may need to press it to get the router to initially work.I had wondered what would make me ever buy a router of this caliber and price. I now wonder why I hadn't explored such a router at an earlier occasion.ASUS, you've done very, very well!UPDATE (3/25/2012): We updated the router to .108 of the firmware. Strangely, it had to be done manually, rather than by the somewhat automated method built into the firmware. Neither firmware version has needed rebooting, with .90 being up for a week and a half straight and .108 up for two more than weeks, by what the router's uptime says. I have thought I would want DD-WRT eventually, but if ASUS keeps offering solid, incremental feature updates, I may not need it. With seven wireless devices and one wired all running at top speed and without issues, this router has really impressed me over all my prior experience.
Now I don't normally write reviews, but I felt I had to review this little gem. Others have already commented on the incredible range of this router, so I'll skip over that and comment on what impressed me the most about this little router in terms of features.1) Stability. No restarts for the past week. rock steady with high throughput even with multiple clients connecting at the same time. Zero slowdowns.2) Fast Samba speeds - ~18Mbyts Write and ~12Mbytes Read when wired, all on a ~4 year old crappy USB external Drive. The stock firmware actually had FASTER samba share speeds than Tomato, which really surprised me. The stock firmware also comes with a DLNA and FTP server so you can setup your own NAS if you want.3) Download Master (Bittorrent Client that runs on the router and downloads to the attached HD. No more leaving the computer up overnight to let a torrent finish! Supports NZB Newsgroup links!) I can't emphasize enough how great a feature this is.4) Free Dynamic DNS service provided by ASUS - Now you can access your home network/FTPs/NAS through ASUS's domain, like [...] You can access your files, download torrents and admin your router remotely through your own address that you setup through Asus!5) Great Tomato support. If for any reason you don't like the stock firmware (stock firmware is great btw, this coming from a long time dd-wrt and Tomato user). Tomato is there. So far Shibby's builds are rock solid and are very good alternatives to the stock. I didn't bother with tomato because I loved the look of the stock firmware.6) Awesome look and design, the GUI looks great and feels snappy. Setup is easy with the wizard.Now I'm a professional IT guy, and I realize that most people may not use all the features I listed above. But it's nice to know that a feature's there if and when you want to use it out of the box.Hate to say this, but this thing runs laps around the nearest competitor *cough* Cisco *cough* in terms of features and speed. I had to return my Cisco E4200v2s because they just didn't provide the same feature set out of the box like the Asus. The Asus wins in almost every category, which is impressive because the E4200v2 is a *good* router. However, the Asus just blows it out of the water.It *IS* a little expensive at $189, but hey, you have to pay a little for quality.05/01/2012 update:Found out there's quite a few people with DHCP problem where the STATIC IP filter won't apply with the new 112 and the 116 firmware (the APPLY button doesn't work). Here's how to resolve it: go to "Administration" -> Restore/Save/Upload Setting -> Restore Factory Default and then the firmware should work for Static reserved IPs again.